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Coconut oil for skin, hair, nails and dental care

Besides eating it, you can use this versatile oil topically to fully take advantage of its amazing properties. This article explains about the many benefits of using coconut oil for skin, hair and nail treatments. The last section is about oral care; covering oil pulling and homemade toothpaste.

Coconut oil is a natural anti-aging, strengthening, detoxifying and antibacterial superstar.
It can be used to make products such as skin moisturizer, hair mask, deodorant, shaving cream, hair conditioner, cuticle oil, sunscreen, toothpaste, massage oil, anti-dandruff treatment, body scrub and lip balm.

Whether you need something gentle and soft or strong and protective, the combination of lauric acid, vitamins and antioxidants is one of nature’s most powerful creations.
There are very few beauty products that are so versatile and packed with health benefits as coconut oil, without the synthetic chemicals added to many mainstream cosmetic products.

30+ of my favorite coconut oil uses for skin, hair, nails & mouth.

Use coconut oil for skin care

Coconut oil for skin

Moisture plays a key role in healthy and beautifully looking skin – coconut oil provides that in abundance and much more!
It is packed with anti-aging properties from lauric acid, vitamin E and other anti-oxidants. The oil penetrates the skin to moisturize and revitalize it and aids in eliminating dead skin cells, prevent sagging and minimize lines.

Using coconut oil for skin treatments improves your skin tone and gives it a young, healthy appearance.
It minimizes the size of pores, soothes sensitive skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and sunburn and helps fade age spots. Its powerful antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral and anti-parasitic properties help clean your skin as well as battle nasty yeast infections, parasites and other yucky stuff.

Coconut oil blocks UV rays by 30%, making it a great addition to natural sunscreen. It’s important to know that using coconut oil by itself is doesn’t give you full sun protection, especially if you have sensitive skin. Unless you know what you are doing and are experienced in making your own sunscreen, it’s best to buy one of the natural sunscreen brands. Many of them use coconut oil in their products.

To read more about the moisturizing, anti-microbial, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory characteristics of coconut oil, take a look at this article.

The numerous benefits make coconut oil a very popular ingredient for many natural skin care products.
But did you know you can easily make your own coconut cosmetics with all the goodness for a fraction of the price of store bought products? Facial mask, body scrub, deodorant, eye cream, lip balm, massage oil, bath oil, shaving cream, make up remover and much more!

Curious about how to make your own tropical coconut oil skin goodies?
Take a look at this is coco’s easy step by step instructions for easy homemade DIY cosmetics.

The power of coconut oil for skin rejuvenation

Coconut oil for hair

Thanks to its high MCT content, coconut oil manages to penetrate your hair much deeper than other oils.

It helps restore protein loss, nourish and retain moisture on the inside of the hair shaft thus strengthening the hair fibre. This can reduce hair loss and stimulate new hair growth significantly.
Regular use prevents dry skin build-up on the scalp, which eventually causes dandruff.
Antibacterial properties keep the scalp healthy, protect it from itching and infections and make for a very effective natural lice treatment.
Coconut oil gives hair volume and shine and a delicious, tropical scent as a bonus.
It gives body to curls and protects hair from damage caused by dryers, irons and rollers.

Ready to make your own hair mask, anti-frizz, hair wax, eye lash serum, split hair ends treatment and more? You can find these super easy natural DIY instructions here


Coconut oil hair treatments

Coconut oil for nails

Besides using coconut oil for skin and hair treatments, you can use it to fortify your nails.
I personally love well-groomed nails. After years of practicing Martial Arts with the obligatory short nails, I started to grow them out.
They are very long and strong, which is pretty amazing, because I use my hands a lot. Most of my work is on the computer besides spending a large part of the day in the kitchen, working with food, wetting my hands etc.
I don’t use gel polish or anything else besides regular nail polish.
I believe that my coconut oil use definitely plays some part in having strong, natural nails.
Coconut oil helps strengthen your nails and make them less vulnerable to splitting.
It is a great natural alternative to cuticle oil as it helps soften and nurture your cuticles.
Antibacterial and antifungal properties help keep cuticle infections away and prevent fungal nails.


Coconut oil nail for strong nails

Coconut oil for oil pulling

Oil pulling has become quite a health hype lately and that’s a good thing, because well.. can your mouth ever be too clean and sparkly?

It seems like everyone is doing it nowadays, but this ancient Ayurvedic practice of swishing oil in your mouth to clean and detoxify has been around for thousands of years.
Different oils such as sesame oil can be used for oil pulling, but coconut oil is particularly suitable. Its strong antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal and anti-parasitic properties make it especially effective.
Regular oil pulling cleans and conditions teeth and gums, removes plaque, bacteria and battles oral infections. This results in whiter teeth and fresher breath.
Oil pulling with coconut oil is a great way to do this naturally without any added chemicals.
Luckily, oil pulling is very easy to do – just put some coconut oil in your mouth (I use about a tablespoon) and swish it around between your teeth and wherever you can to cover all areas in your mouth. Do this before brushing your teeth and make sure not to swallow any of the coconut oil as its full with bacteria!
It is believed that 20 minutes is a good time to oil pull, as that’s the time the oil needs to be most effective. But you can start with whatever feels comfortable to you and build it from there.

This simple daily practise doesn’t just improve your oral health, but your health in general as it helps your body detox. Easy and efficient!

if you want to know more about how to get started, I wrote this article about my personal experience with coconut oil pulling


oil pulling with coconut oil

Coconut oil for oral hygiene

Many commercial toothpastes contain ingredients that are not necessary to clean or maintain our teeth and can be harmful.
I personally avoid using toothpastes with components such as SLS, fluoride, Triclosan, Parabens and DEA.
Luckily there are wonderful natural alternative toothpaste brands who work great and on’t use any of these ingredients.

if you want, you can also make your own toothpaste with coconut oil.
It naturally contains antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal and anti-parasitic properties.
Especially when combined with regular oil pulling, it helps remove bacteria and plaque.
This results in whiter teeth and fresher breath.

It’s very simple to make and you can add your favorite essential oil for extra flavor.

Although I have used homemade coconut oil toothpaste in the past, I prefer to use my favorite natural brands of toothpaste.
I just enjoy those more and I feel that I get most of the benefits from oil pulling with coconut oil.

Coconut oil oral health

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