This Is Coco

Hi! Welcome to This Is Coco – the coconut queendom.
A place dedicated to everything coconut and vibrant plant-based living.

Whether you’ve been using coconuts for a while and are looking for more ways to implement them or are a coconut newbie and curious what all the coco buzz is about, you’ve come to the right place!


Here you will find:

• Healthy, delicious plant-powered recipes made with coconuts and coconut products such as coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut water, coconut flour, coconut sugar and coconut butter.

Eating healthy and tasty can go together perfectly and it’s my mission to show you how much fun it is.
The recipes are simple and easily customizable to meet your personal preferences, so feel free to use your creativity.

All my recipes are dairy-free, vegan and refined sugar-free.


• Natural DIY beauty recipes for skin, hair, nails and oral health.

A healthy lifestyle is the key to our wellbeing. This goes for what we put into our body, as well as what we put on it.

Nature’s nourishing and healing powers have so much to offer us and are a healthier alternative to many store-bought products made with chemicals and synthetics.
Going natural is good for you, the environment and the animals – all the ingredients that I use are vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably sourced.

Coconut oil is a very versatile product that moisturizes, strengthens, protects and restores both skin and hair.

I also love using shea butter, coconut milk, essential oils and CBD extract in my beauty recipes.

You will see how easy it is to make your own deodorant, moisturizer, hair mask, massage oil, after-shave, lip balm, eye cream and more. And how well they work!

• The last part of this platform is dedicated to articles about everything coconut related, lifestyle, travel and health.


The coconut queendom - four coconuts



This is Erika

Hello, I am Erika Naomi – the creator of This Is Coco – the coconut queendom.

Originally from Amsterdam, I’ve spent the past 15 years living in different corners of the world in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Food is a very important part of my life – there are few things that I enjoy more than preparing, eating and connecting with others over a great dish!

Over the years I’ve become more conscious of the impact that food has on me.
This made me focus on using ingredients that not only taste great, but provide the fuel that my body needs to be at its best.

Food is our medicine and how we feel, function and look, depends largely on what we take in.

The recipes on This Is Coco are an eclectic mix of my own kitchen adventures, inspirations from travels, people in my life and random experiments.



Coconut queendom - Erika


In 2002 I opened a health food cafe in the Mexican caribbean, serving smoothies, pancakes and salads. This was an amazing experience and my first professional one with healthy food.

Over the past ten years I’ve been active in visual design, specializing in branding and visual identity.
I love working on conscious projects with soul, creating memorable brands and designing aesthetic content that expresses the essence of such a brand.

I run my own design & branding studio where I create digital and print design, website design & development and more.

More information and answers to regular questions can be found on my FAQ page.

Thank you for stopping by and come say hi! I love hearing from you and getting to know other coconut lovers. You can connect with me on social media @coconutqueendom or send me an email.


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Enjoy the Coconut Queendom!


With coco love,
Erika Naomi