What are you using to remove your makeup with? And how does your skin react to it?
A few years ago I started using different oils on my face such as coconut oil.
I liked it so much that I never went back to commercial makeup removers.
Using coconut oil as a makeup remover works really great for me.
It’s gentle on my skin and the oil moisturizes and protects it.

From skin to lips to eyes; even waterproof mascara comes off easily!


Many commercial makeup removers contain synthetic ingredients and mineral oil, which is not something that I want to put on my body.
Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs enough chemicals as is. This is why I was thrilled to find a product that not only does the job well, but really takes care of my skin too.

Make sure – as with anything new you put on your skin, especially on your face – to test it first.
Some people get breakouts from using oils directly on their skin, while others find it to be very beneficial.
Coconut oil can clog pores, so it’s important to use a good natural tonic afterwards.

Having sensitive skin myself, I find that coconut oil doesn’t ever irritate it.  Other makeup removers always used to leave some sort of unpleasant sensation, but since I switched to using coconut oil as a makeup remover, my skin has been doing much better.

I like to use a raw virgin organic coconut oil on my face, as it’s the purest and most natural one.
It leaves my skin clean and soft with a healthy glow.



Coconut oil makeup remover


This is a simple one. Apply a small amount of coconut oil (buy here) to a cotton pad and gently dab until all the makeup is off.
Rinse with water and use a good natural tonic to remove any excess oil.

Do you prefer a less oily coconut product to clean your face with? Try coconut milk as a makeup remover.


To learn more about the different types of coconut oil and what to use them for, take a look at this article.



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Easy DIY coconut oil makeup remover