If you’re the lucky owner of a bathtub (or have someone close to you who has one) I highly recommend you give yourself some relaxing home spa time with this amazing homemade lavender coconut milk bath soak.

Lavender, a native plant to the Mediterranean and North-African area has a beautiful, unique fragrance. It has been used for thousands of years by itself or as a base in perfumes, body care and cleaning products. It is also one of the most popular essential oils.
It is famous for its relaxing properties; the scent is calming and is supposed to help you sleep better.

Lavender is great for your skin too. It has strong healing, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, improves blood circulation and can soothe different skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.

While many people use it as an essential oil (it’s amazing for massages and sore muscles!) you can also use the plant itself, like I did in this homemade lavender coconut milk bath soak.

Coconut milk is a very rich, moisturizing natural product full with nourishing fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
While it’s mostly used to cook with, our skin and hair love it too.

The last ingredient in this relaxing bath soak is Epsom salt, a mineral compound found in natural springs in Epsom, England.
This important mineral compound known as magnesium sulfate is much needed four healthy functioning. Nowadays many people have a magnesium deficiency, but you can get it tested and takes supplements for it as well as regular magnesium baths.

Taking Epsom salt baths relaxes your body and mind, eases muscle pains, exfoliates skin, helps your body detox and helps increase the magnesium levels in your body.



Mix the coconut milk with the dried lavender flowers and the Epsom salt and simply add it to your bath water.

Bathe for at least half an hour to get the full benefits of this pampering treatment.

Enjoy the silky, relaxing smoothness of your home spa bath with your favorite tunes playing in the background and some nice dimmed lights or candles.



DIY lavender bath soak with coconut milk and epsom salt