This nourishing, protecting almond jojoba nail oil is a wonderful treatment for both your cuticles and your nails.
It’s a combination of 5 oils that all contribute in their own way:

– Coconut oil
– Sweet almond oil
– Vitamin E oil
– Jojoba oil
– Lavender oil

Coconut oil strengthens nails and helps against splitting.
It moisturizes and protects the cuticles and its antimicrobial properties protect against infections and fungi.

Sweet almond oil hydrates, nourishes and softens cuticles.

Vitamin E oil is a powerful antioxidant known for its strong anti-aging properties. It moisturizes, softens and protects the cuticles.

Jojoba oil hydrates the cuticles and facilitates the absorption of other oils into the skin.

Lavender oil strengthens nails and moisturizes cuticles. It has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-fungal properties.


Whether you have short or long nails, hands and nails that are in a good shape do so much for your appearance.
I tend to get dry hands easily and using this oil mixture helps soften them. Plus it gives your nails a glossy shine.
You can use it all over your hands as well as on your feet. Just apply a few drops and massage them into your cuticles and wherever you want the oil to work.
For an extra nourishing treatment you can apply the oil before you go to bed, covering your hands with thin cotton gloves and let the oil do its work overnight.






2 tbsp virgin coconut oil
1 tsp sweet almond oil
5 drops jojoba oil
2 drops lavender oil
5 drops vitamin E oil


If you’re using coconut oil that’s already melted it really makes this DIY recipe a breeze as you only have to mix all the oils in a bowl.

If your coconut oil is solid, the best way to melt it is au bain marie, which is by putting the coconut oil in a bowl placed in a pan with shimmering water.

Once it’s fully melted, remove the bowl from the heat and let it cool off.
Then mix in the rest of the oils.

Gently massage a few drops of the almond jojoba nail oil into your clean nails and cuticles.
This recipe makes enough for your feet as well! Or you can store whatever remains and use it next time.

Another great DIY recipe for your nails and cuticles is this cacao butter aloe vera cuticle cream.



DIY jojoba almond nail oil with coconut oil and vitamin E.