One of the most important rituals in your skincare routine is scrubbing or exfoliating your skin.
It speeds up the turnover of skin cells by helping remove old skin, which facilitates the appearance of young skin underneath.

Regular scrubbing helps you maintain healthy, radiant skin and it slows down the aging process.
It does this by helping remove toxins and bacteria from your skin, balancing the skin’s oil production, unclogging pores, improving blood circulation and improving the absorption of skincare products such as masks and moisturizers.

This rosemary sea salt body scrub with a coconut oil base is great to smoothen your skin.
It comes with the health benefits of the salt’s minerals, the rich fatty acids and antioxidants of coconut and the anti-aging properties of the phytonutrients and minerals of rosemary.


I love using sugar as well as salt body scrubs as they both have their own benefits:

Sugar scrubs such as this lavender sugar scrub are very gentle on the skin because of the shape of the granules and their chemical composition. Although sugar is best minimized in your food intake, it offers amazing benefits for the skin.
Sugar scrubs can be used more often than salt scrubs and are suitable for sensitive skin.

Salt scrubs are more abrasive, which makes them ideal to use on areas of your body where the skin is tougher such as the bottom of your feet.
Their high mineral content offers therapeutic benefits, especially salt types such as Epsom salt, Dead sea salt or Himalayan salt.
Salt scrubs stimulate the detoxification process of the body and reduce inflammation.
It’s recommended to use them once a week max and they should be avoided with sensitive or irritated skin.






1/2 cup virgin coconut oil
1 cup coarse sea salt / Epsom salt / Dead sea salt
10 drops rosemary oil




For this rosemary sea salt body scrub you need virgin coconut oil in soft, creamy (but not liquid) consistency.
If you use coconut oil that’s liquid, you will have to add more salt to it for easy application.

If your coconut oil is solid, soften it au bain marie, by putting the coconut oil in a bowl placed in a pan with shimmering water with the heat turned off.

Once it’s soft enough, remove the bowl from the water and let it cool off.
Add the rosemary oil, mix the two oils well and then add the salt.
Give it some time to absorb to make sure everything is fully mixed.


Use this scrub right before showering or taking a bath by gently massaging it into your skin with circular movements.

Be mindful to not over-scrub or irritate your skin.

When you’re done massaging, turn on the shower and rinse your body well to remove the scrub properly.

Use a nourishing moisturizer afterwards.