It’s so easy to beautify your drinks with these stunning home-made coconut water ice spheres! They will make any cold drink stand out, keep it cold and add a hint of fresh-sweetness to it, depending on what you put inside.

Great for parties, on a hot summer day, when having guests over or to spoil yourself.
All you need is an ice sphere mold, coconut water and fruit / edible flowers. Beauty is in the details!



Wash and cut the fruit in small pieces and put them in the mold. Then carefully pour the coconut water up until the border of the mold and cover with the top part of the old. This will push the remaining coconut water out through the little holes in the mold, so you want to do this above a big bowl to catch the coconut water.
I like to use pure coconut water, but if you want you can go all creative with the liquid. You can add some freshly squeezed lime juice or pineapple juice to compliment your drink.

If you use light things such as little flowers, keep in mind that they will move around from the liquid being poured. The trick is to pour the water gradually to keep everything in place.
Freeze the coconut water ice spheres overnight and pop them out right before you serve the drinks.

The list of fillings and combinations is endless – bright colors and interesting textures make for some of the most gorgeous ice spheres.


Natural coconut water ice spheres with fruit and edible flowers



Serving tip! These are some of my favorite fillings for ice spheres;


Sliced fruit:

– Lemon
– Kiwi
– Pomegranate
– Strawberry
– Pineapple
– Mango
– Watermelon
– Dragonfruit
– Orange
– Coconut
– Blackberry
– Starfruit
– Cherry


Edible flowers and leaves:

– Mint
– Hibiscus
– Dandelion
– Fuchsia
– Rose
– Gladiolus
– Sunflower
– Jasmin
– Lavender

It’s best to use organically grown produce that doesn’t contain pesticides.



Coconut water ice spheres with edible flowers and fruit