Papayas.. honestly, I had to get used to them. It wasn’t love at first sight for me, but I have learnt to appreciate them over time.
They use papayas a lot in smoothies and fruit salads in Latin-America and that is where I first tried them. When I lived in Mexico and Costa Rica I often used them as an ingredient in my recipes.
The thing with papayas is that if you have a good one, it can be amazing, if you have a so-so one, it can be more disappointing than with other fruits. They are so worth it though, just make sure to pick a ripe one – when in doubt, ask the vendor for help.
This papaya coconut smoothie is very easy to prepare and so good for you, which makes it a great drink.

Papayas have tons of health benefits; they are rich in anti-aging vitamins C, E and A and other powerful antioxidants. Papain, a digestive enzyme helps the body with digestion.
This tropical fruit boosts the immune system, is great for skin and hair and low in calories.

This papaya coconut smoothie made with fresh coconut water is super easy to make and perfectly refreshing on a hot day.



To make smoothies with the richest taste and texture I always use fruit that has been frozen for 12+ hours.  You’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes, it just tastes so much better!
Cut your fruit in small chunks and store them in separate containers in your freezer.
I always keep a big stash of different kind of fruit in my freezer, they keep long and it’s a great way to keep seasonal produce year round.

Blend the coconut water with the frozen banana and then add the other frozen fruit. If you like a less icey consistency, add more coconut water.
That’s it, simple as that – top with fresh fruit and/or seeds and enjoy!



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Vegan papaya coconut water smoothie