One of the most essential things in your self-care routine is scrubbing or exfoliating.
This rejuvenating method helps remove dead skin cells so that new, fresh skin underneath can appear.
Our skin exfoliates naturally, but as we age, the process starts to slow down.
Luckily there are several products and techniques available to help with exfoliation.
This DIY lavender body sugar scrub with coconut oil has amazing skin-boosting properties and you probably have most ingredients at home.



The benefits of scrubbing

This age-old beauty ritual helps:

→  shed old, damaged skin to make way for healthier skin.

→  boost circulation and improve blood flow.

→  soften your skin.

→  improve the appearance of your skin.

→  absorb moisturizers and masks much better.

Pretty much every skincare brand has at least one scrub and you can easily make your own!


Sugar and oil


When I first learnt that sugar scrubs are amazing for your skin, I was a bit surprised.
Somehow you would think that sugar and health don’t really go together right?
Well it turns out that eating sugar and using sugar topically are two very different things.

While I try to limit my sugar intake, it is an amazing ingredient for skincare.
It’s a natural source of glycolic acid which is a powerful exfoliator. Glycolic acid stimulates the skin restoration cycle, improves skin texture and tone and reduces fine lines. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production, reduces large pores and more.

Sugar is a natural humectant, which helps hydrate your skin and retain moisture.
The shape of the sugar crystals is also very suitable to scrub with.

Coconut oil offers many benefits for your skin. It has anti-aging properties, moisturizes your skin, protects against free radicals, repairs skin tissue and contains strong antimicrobial properties.

You can read more about coconut oil for your skin in this article.



DIY lavender body sugar scrub with coconut oil



1/2 cup / 125 ml virgin coconut oil
1 cup / 215 grams sugar
10 drops lavender oil


Mix the coconut oil with the sugar and the lavender essential oil. You want the coconut oil to be soft and creamy, but not liquid.
If it is too liquid, add more sugar which will absorb the moisture.

You can use this scrub right before showering, once a week or more if your skin is not sensitive.
Gently massage it into your skin with circular movements.

Although the skin on your body is thicker than on your face, be conscious not to over-scrub or irritate your skin.

If you plan to use this DIY lavender body sugar scrub with coconut oil on your face, replace the sugar with coconut sugar. It has a finer texture and is more gentle.

When you’re done massaging, turn on the shower and rinse your body well to remove the scrub properly.

Use a good moisturizer afterwards.



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Easy DIY lavender oil body sugar scrub with coconut oil