Have you ever tried using coconut milk as a makeup remover?
It might surprise you what it can do for your skin!

Unlike what some people think, coconut milk is not the clear liquid found inside the coconut, that’s coconut water.
Coconut milk is made by grating the white coconut meat and blending it with water.
This results in a creamy white, highly nutritious liquid.

While coconut milk is mainly known for being used to cook with (it’s delicious in smoothies, desserts and curries!) it’s also a very nourishing product for topical use.
This plant-based milk moisturizes your skin and provides essential anti-aging nutrients; you can use it in different kinds of skin and hair treatments.

Coconut milk contains healthy fatty acids called MCT’s, vitamins B, C and E, fiber and minerals.
MCT’s are naturally rich in antimicrobial properties, which are a perfect addition to any cleaning product.

Instead of a regular cleanser, try using coconut milk as a makeup remover.
Besides cleaning your face, it will also keep your skin naturally soft and healthy looking.




To maximize the properties of this natural cleanser, I’m adding a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, 2 drops of vitamin E oil and Aloe Vera gel.

I like using fresh gel from my Aloe Vera plant, but you can also buy pure organic Aloe Vera gel from the store or order it online.

If you’re using canned coconut milk, make sure to buy a brand that is as natural as possible.
Shake the can well, as the coconut milk tends to separate into water and cream; you want it to be milky and creamy.
You can also make your own coconut milk.

Mix all the ingredients and use a washing clothe or cotton pad to apply the cleanser.

Rub it gently into your skin until no more makeup comes off.

If you’re using heavy makeup such as some type of waterproof mascara, you might want to try coconut oil as a makeup remover. 



DIY coconut milk makeup remover with Aloe Vera