Coconut ice cream comes in many delicious variations. Whenever I am somewhere in the tropics, I have to try out the local one.
My two all-time favorites are Mexican coconut paletas and homemade Thai coconut ice cream.

Paletas are delicious popsicles made from fresh fruit or other ingredients such as chocolate and vanilla.
Depending on the recipe, traditional coconut paletas can be soft or firm, with our without pieces of fresh coconut and made with water or with milk.
Coconut paletas are in my recipe to-do list, so stay tuned, because I am going to share several ways to make them.

Thai coconut ice cream is soft, creamy and usually served in scoops.
When I was in Thailand last year, I got to try some very good ones.
With the abundance of coconuts growing there, Thailand is the place to enjoy this delicious dessert.

Traditional homemade Thai coconut ice cream is prepared with coconut cream without the addition of dairy products.
I’ve heard from some people that some coconut ice cream is actually mixed with cow milk, so if dairy is not part of your diet, make sure to double check that the coconut ice cream you’re getting is only made from coconut cream.

Thai people love their toppings – you can choose from toasted peanuts, taro, sticky rice, palm seeds, ginkgo, pandan noodles, pineapple in syrup and more.

I like mine pure, with just some toasted peanuts on top and today I’m going to show you how to easily make your own homemade Thai coconut ice cream.
No ice cream machine needed!


Homemade Thai coconut ice cream







4 cups coconut cream
1 cup coconut sugar
pinch of sea salt or fine himalaya salt
1 tbsp purified water
4 tbsp corn flour

For the topping:
1/2 cup toasted peanuts


Put a pot with the coconut cream, coconut sugar and salt on medium fire and keep stirring it.
Don’t let it boil.

You can make your own coconut cream or buy the canned one – just make sure it’s as natural as possible.

Take a bowl and mix the corn flour with a table spoon of water and add it to the pot with coconut cream. Put it on low fire and leave the mixture for 5 more minutes, while stirring.

Remove from heat and let the mixture cool off.

Once cooled off, put the mixture into a container and freeze it. The mixture should be solid on the sides, but still somehow liquid in the middle. Depending on the temperature of your freezer, this can be between 1-2 hours – just keep an eye on it.

Remove the container and use an electric or hand mixer to whisk the mixture until the ice crystal becomes creamy.
Put the mixture back in the freezer and repeat the process.

The best results come from freezing and whisking the mixture 3-4 times, as it makes the texture creamier each time.

While the mixture is in the freezer, toast some peanuts in a frying pan and use them to top your homemade Thai coconut ice cream with. Or use any topping you feel like – chocolate and coconut is always a good combination!


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