Chocolate and coconut is a classic – these two flavors work so well together that they seem to be made for each other!
This frozen treat is super easy to make. You don’t need an ice cream machine, just a freezer, a blender and just 5 ingredients (that you probably have at home anyway) to make this vegan chocolate coconut ice cream.

The base is made from frozen bananas and you can make it entirely:

– Dairy-free
– Vegan
– Sugar-free
– Gluten-free
– Raw

This means that almost anyone can eat it and you don’t have to limit yourself with it for dessert only, it’s wholesome enough to pass for breakfast or for a quick snack during the day.


Homemade vegan chocolate coconut ice cream





2 Frozen bananas
4 tbsp coconut cream
1 tsp coconut oil

For the chocolate:

2 tbsp cacao powder

For the coconut:

2 tbsp shredded coconut



⋅ Use very ripe bananas – the riper the better. Those that are getting brown and soft are perfect for banana based ice creams.

⋅ Cut the bananas in pieces and freeze them in a container or bag for at least 12 hours.
The time really makes a difference in both taste and texture.

⋅ Mix the frozen banana pieces with the coconut cream and coconut oil in a food processor or blender until you get an ice cream like consistency.

⋅ Separate the ice cream into two parts. Blend half of it with the shredded coconut and the other half with cacao powder.

⋅ The frozen bananas make it naturally sweet, but if you want it sweeter, add some medjool dates or maple syrup to it.

⋅ Serve and eat right away. Because it’s 100% natural and doesn’t contain any additives, it might melt faster than what you’re used to from most commercial ice cream brands.


Optional: top the vegan chocolate coconut ice cream with shredded coconut and if you feel like more chocolate, make your own chocolate magic shell by mixing melted coconut oil with cacao powder and a sweetener.
Or just melt your favorite chocolate bar and pour it over your chocolate coconut ice cream.


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Vegan chocolate coconut nice cream