There are some foods that almost everyone seems to love and ice-cream is one of them.
I’ve actually never met anyone who didn’t enjoy a sweet, frozen treat!
All I can say is I can totally relate, ice-cream is one of the best food inventions. Ever.
This triple berry banana nice cream is a healthy plant-based variation that tastes amazing.

When I was little I stayed with my beloved grandmother for a few weeks every summer.
She lived overseas and we didn’t see each other as often as we’d like to, so when we
did, we really enjoyed uor time together.
We both shared an enormous love for ice-cream. Every day when we went to town for some shopping, she’d buy us an ice-cream cone.
One never seemed enough though, especially during those hot summer days.
My grandma said that one has to enjoy life, which resulted in us snacking on 2-3 ice cream cones throughout the day.

Nowadays with a more balanced nutrition lifestyle, I can’t imagine myself eating that much or even that kind of ice-cream
with all the sugar, milk and additives.
That’s why I was thrilled to discover that you can easily make your own healthy ice-cream full with nothing but wholesome ingredients.

The base is made from frozen bananas and you can add any kind of fruit to it.
Nice cream is dairy-free, vegan, raw and can be made entirely sugar-free, because the frozen bananas are sweet by themselves, especially when they are very ripe.

This berry banana nice cream makes a perfect healthy, delicious treat!



Triple berry banana nice cream




Use very ripe bananas, cut them in small chunks and store them in containers or reusable plastic bags in your freezer.
I find that fruit that has been frozen for 12+ hours results in the best taste and texture for both nice cream and smoothies.

I always have different kinds of fruit in my freezer, it keeps long and it’s a great way to have your own seasonal produce year round.

Blend the frozen banana until you get an ice-creamy consistency. You might have to add some water, but keep the amounts small, about 1 tablespoon should be enough. You don’t want it to become anything near liquid, just to get the blender going.
Add the berries and mix again.

Add the coconut milk for extra creaminess. I provides healthy fats and also helps with vitamin absorption.


Vegan berry banana icecream


To serve this funky berry banana nice cream in style, cut a pineapple in two halves and scoop out the pineapple fruit.
Use the pineapple as a bowl to serve the nice cream in.
If you’re not going to eat it immediately, put the pineapple half in the freezer for half an hour prior to putting the nice cream in it so that it won’t melt so fast.

You can top the berry banana nice cream with fruit, nuts, raw chocolate, shredded coconut, cacao nibs etc. or keep it minimalistic and enjoy the pure flavors!



Vegan berry banana nice cream without sugar