Talking about some of the easiest, natural pampering; if you plan to do some home spa time, try using coconut oil as bath oil.
Just add some coconut oil to your bath water and enjoy the rich oily goodness all over your body.
You can use the same virgin coconut oil that you use to cook with. But more about that in a bit..

Coconut oil has powerful anti-aging, strengthening, detoxifying and antimicrobial properties, which are wonderful for your skin.
This versatile oil is very gentle and suitable for the most sensitive skin types such as baby skin and eczema-prone skin. At the same time, it manages to clean your skin really well thanks to its antimicrobial properties.

My favorite coconut oil to bathe with is organic virgin coconut oil. It leaves my skin soft and naturally hydrated.
If you’re unsure about which coconut oil to use, I recommend taking a look here; I explain about the differences between refined and unrefined coconut oil in this article.
You can read more about the various types of virgin coconut oil here.
I’ve also added a handy check list for all your DIY beauty recipes explaining when to use which type of coconut oil.

Now back to the bathing; if you like, you can add a bit of your favorite essential oil too.
Lavender oil for example is great for relaxation and very nice in the evening before you go to bed – and it smells divine!
If you need something energizing in the morning, you can use orange or rosemary oil which will awaken your senses and get you all set for the day.


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Virgin coconut oil as bath oil for beautiful skin