There are few dishes that I love as much as I love tacos. Delicious, authentic Mexican veggie filled corn flour tacos.
You can put me on a plane right now and I’ll happily fly the 11 hours to Mexico just so I can indulge in the food there. 

Mexico is an amazing, colorful country full with culture, history, friendly people and stunning nature.
I wanted to express its vibrancy through my own take on this classic Mexican food.
I’m a very visual person who loves to play with her food and I just love how these colorful rainbow unicorn tortillas came out.
Looking at them puts an instant smile on my face and they taste a toda madre.




Naturally colored rainbow unicorn tortillas


To get these amazing colors I started experimenting with natural food coloring from vegetables and spices. The ones I found to work the best are beet, turmeric, butterfly pea tea and spirulina. You can also mix them to create different shades.
They make the most beautiful vibrant colors without being dominant in taste.
I’ve even used them in sweet recipes such as in my pastel bounty balls.

Traditionally tortillas are made with water, corn flour and salt.
I’ve added a bit of organic refined coconut oil to the dough, this is optional. It doesn’t add any coconut taste, but it does make the consistency and flavor fuller.

I try to eat as much organic as possible. Some food is perfectly fine to eat non-organic from a health point of view, although for the environment organic is always better.
There are foods that I only buy organic though and corn flour is one of them.
This is because sadly most of regular corn flour is GMO nowadays and that’s not something I want to put into my body.
Organic corn flour is made of natural, unaltered corn, free from pesticides and chemicals.
You can find it in a health-food store or buy it online.



Colorful tacos made with natural food coloring


These rainbow unicorn tortillas take a bit longer to prepare than most of my recipes, but it’s time well spent, look how beautiful they are!

It also makes a fun creative project to do with kids. They get to play with colors and get creative and the dough is almost like play dough which they get to eat afterwards.


Vibrant rainbow tortillas with natural food coloring




2 cups / 680 grams organic corn flour
1.5 cup / 350 ml warm water
1 tbsp organic refined coconut oil
1/4 tsp himalaya salt
1/4 tsp spirulina
2 tsp beet powder
1 tsp butterfly pea powder
1 tsp ground turmeric


Put the corn flour and salt in a bowl.
Add warm (cooled off boiled) water and mix it with the flour.
Do this little by little, you might not use all of it.

Mix in the melted refined coconut oil. (optional)

Divide the dough into equal balls, one of each color.


Dough for unicorn tortillas


The dough dries out fast, so cover whatever you’re not using with a clean kitchen cloth.
You will be adding some more water during the process, so have some set aside.

Mix the colored powder into the dough using your hands and process it until you have a solid color.

Cover the dough and repeat the process for the other colors.
Add water where necessary to make sure the dough is moist enough.

Make little balls out of all the dough colors. Do this by taking a piece of each color, pushing the dough together and rolling it into a ball.


Balls of rainbow tortilla dough



Making the tortillas:

If you have a tortilla press at home, you know the process; put some plastic on the press, add the dough ball and press.

You can also do this with the bottom part of a plate and a plastic bag cut into 2 pieces.
This technique might need some practise until you get it right, but once you get it, it’s easy.
I did mine this way, so each one is a bit different.



A rainbow tortilla



Prepare the tortillas in a cast iron skillet or frying pan on medium fire without oil. Thin tortillas need as little as 15 seconds per side, flip them each time. If you made thicker ones, they will need a little longer.


Some tasty toppings for these rainbow unicorn tortillas are refried beans, guacamole, salsa, vegan cheese, jalapeño peppers, mushrooms and vegetables.

Serve with lime juice and fresh cilantro – buen provecho!





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